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Friday, June 25, 2010

Alpine's July Field Trips

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Alpine's July Enrichment Classes

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Magna's Enrichment Classes

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Alpine's June Field Trips

Field Trips are fun! We have been to Jump On It, bowling, ice-skating, movies, The Living Planet Aquarium, Nickelcade, the zoo, swimming every Friday and more!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alpine's Kindercook'n Enrichment Class

We have made pancakes, pizza, fruit salad and cupcakes! We have read stories about cooking and learned about healthy foods, measuring, recipes and even made our own recipe book!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

July Enrichement Classes

July Enrichment Classes for Alpine Center will be offering:

Toddler Program

Tumbling Tots- The class goal is to develop the foundations of physical activities such as running, jumping, climbing and balancing. Tumbling Tots aims to increase children's confidence and self- esteem through physical challenge and achievement and to encourage cooperation and interaction with other children.

Sensory Discovery- "Wonder, investigation and discovery" are three words to describe science in young children. Children will be encouraged to see, taste, smell, hear and feel in this exciting discovery class

Creative Art- We will give our "little artists" the opportunity to experiment with many different types of media and encourage them to explore and create. Exploring the world through art comes naturally for most children and learning about art can help them develop cognitive, social and creative skills that go far beyond a box of Crayolas.

Music & Movement- Our student's will be enthusiastic about our music and movement class. Music is a natural and joyous part of childhood. Through music children benefit greatly and are impacted in many area of life, language development, and listening. The children will have an opportunity to experiment with different instruments and learn about rhythm.

Preschool and School-age Program

*Cake Decorating


*Photography Club

*Computer Lab

*Pee Wee Picasso

*Inventors & Thingamajigs

*Math in the Great Outdoors

*Hip Hop Dance

*Creative Writing

Friday, June 4, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Hopefully without silver bells (we're short on them this year) and I think we'll do without the puppy dog tails, but we do have a lot of great helpers! The school agers helped pull weeds and grass, dig holes/pits for the tomato plants, put in the seeds and starts, and water (and, on occasion, drowned) the new garden. The two year olds "helped" weed--too bad they don't know a marigold from a dandilion!

The school agers were great helpers, pulling up weeds and grass, digging holes (more like pits!) for the tomato plants, planting the seeds and starts, and then helping to water (aka drowned) the plants.